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Final Term - PODCAST !!!

Final Term - THE PODCAST -


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College Life !!!

I think that college life is one of the most important moments of our lives. In my opinion, life in our university "Urbe" is very different in relation to the article, for example, here the majority of students live nearby, in the city with their parents or come from other states in the country but is the most people of this city or that of other towns. About the relationship with school life, I think they are different, for example, I study in computer engineering, and I think that the issues are more difficult than the issues that you get in school, you are here you have the independent responsibility to go to classes or not, you find and relate to different people and different social classes. But for me in a very beautiful experience because it learns to imdependisarce and socialised with many people.

Cartoons and Anime !!!

We talked about the differences between cartoons and anime.
I think that basicaly the difference is characterized by the culture.But the idea for anime came from the first cartoons. Some persons think that cartoons are less complicated, have different drawing styles, or other things.Other difference is related to the stories of them, cartoons are meant to entertain and "make you laugh" for short period of episodes and have no actual storyline. The stories of Anime is supposed to "teach and entertain'" an audience within one storyline(and sometimes 2) for a long(or short) period of episodes.

Cartoons and Comics !!!

The last class we talked about the cartoons and comics, and we watched a video to try to draw a cartoon, because sometimes we think that we have to be a great painter for draw a cartoon but it's not true,we can do it only following some steps from the experts. you can check the next web for draw your own Cartoon.

How To Draw A Cartoon Car

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